Feeling Better: Finding the Right Foods to Promote Physical and Mental Well Being

While most people understand that consuming the right type of foods will provide the nutrients necessary for a healthy body and mind, not everyone realizes that nutritional needs vary from one person to the next. What happens to be great for one person may not be beneficial for the next. In order to determine what should and should not be included in the diet, it pays to take cues from the way the body reacts to certain foods. Here are some signs that something needs to change immediately.

Feeling Sluggish

Ideally, food is supposed to make the individual feel better. After a balanced meal, getting back to work and concentrating on the tasks at hand should not be a problem. The mind will be sharp enough to deal with whatever project is at hand.

When the meal brings on a sense of lethargy and clouds the thinking, that’s a sure sign that at least some of the food consumed is not what the individual needs. It may take some trial and error, but eliminate each of those foods from the diet one at a time. When the culprit is identified, it can be considered off limits from now on.

Foods and Depression

When an individual has a mild reaction to some type of food, it can bring on a case of the blues. If that food is consumed on a regular basis, it could lead to something more severe. Identifying foods that seem to make the individual feel a little down and substituting them with something that usually lifts the spirits is a good idea.

Stomach Upsets

Some foods may be tasty, but they cause gastrointestinal distress that’s hard to ignore. There’s a good chance that finding an equally tasty substitute will not be that hard. For example, perhaps soy milk upsets the stomach. Try soy free foods like almond milk instead. The nutrition is still there, and it’s possible to get through the day without the tummy rumbling or worse.

Remember that paying attention to the way the body responds to certain foods is important. While some may have to be avoided, that just makes room for lots of new choices. Along the way, the individual will enjoy the benefit of feeling better.